The first thing you should do is remind them that no one's lost anything. The way mIRC looks for files differs in mIRC 6.3 to finally make it a *proper* multi-user application. Secondly, mIRC copies all files into the_mirc_directory\backup during the install, so their files should still be there. However, mIRC will no longer use an mirc.ini file located inside Program Files\. This is because of the above mutli user support, as well as vista compatibility-- instead, these new mirc.ini files will be stored within the Application Data folder under the user's home directory. The reason it may seem that they've lost everything is that mIRC is now reading the newly installed mirc.ini file from their Application Data folder rather than the Program Files\mIRC folder-- the data was not deleted, moved, or changed; its only being ignored. To properly use the files COPY (not cut) the files that mIRC backed up into, *I think*:

C:\Documents And Settings\%USERNAME%\Application Data\mIRC

Windows Vista:

To run multiple copies of mIRC from the same user account using different mirc.ini's you can also run mirc.exe with the proper command line switches to either run it in portable mode (which will automatically take the mirc.ini from the current directory) or using the -i switch to manually specify an mirc.ini by the location on disk. See /help Command Line for that info

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