Having to learn a new programming language from scratch, while being heavily skilled with mirc scripts for more than 6 years, in vain just 'coz mirc doesn't act like a real compiler

That's because it's not a compiler, it's an interpreter. Yes, it is possible for something to be done to make mIRC scripts distributable as standalone packages, but the only practical way of doing that is to include the script and the interpreter in a single file, in which case you get little/no speed benefit and it's very easy for someone to crack so your code isn't protected (if that was your goal). More importantly, no matter how mIRC scripting is compiled or packaged it makes no sense outside of the IRC/mIRC context. It's a heavily specialised language where about 40% of it has no meaning outside of the mIRC client and another 40% has no meaning outside of IRC in general.

You're taking apples and asking Khaled to make you orange juice. And while it's not technically impossible to do (with a a whole lot of science and tech), it probably wouldn't taste very nice and it'd take a whole lot more effort than it's worth, especially considering there's already orange juice on the shelves - you're just not willing to open the carton yourself.

OK so I stretched the fruit analogy a little far there, the point is if you really have 6 years of mIRC scripting experience and are capable of making something that would be worth distributing as a standalone package then you're also capable of picking up another language in a couple of weeks. mIRC scripting provides a prior-knowledge of most of the key concepts you'll need to know anyway, the only things you'll need to learn are things that are so incredibly useful to creating good programs that once you know about them you'll truly understand why what you're proposing is a bad idea.

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