smile What about all my script files? (.mrc and .ini)

I have a folder in my program file that has my scripts in it. In this folder I have a folder with all my images in it.


I used to use \MyFolder\Imgs\image2.jpg as a path. But now it looks in C:\Documents and Settings\App Data\mIRc\ for the folder.

How does this work? A normal mIRC user has a few different mIRC scripts. $scriptdir and $mircdir point to the doc and settings folder. $mircexe points to the correct folder and I could start using something like $remove($mircexe,mirc.exe) but it just seems weird to me.

I give someone my script in a zipfile with all its files and images. They unzip this zip file to a folder and what ... have to move all my script files and images to the document and settings folder? I guess I could move them all to $scriptdir or $mircdir, it just seems weird to me. If I have 4 different scripts going, all their files are in the same folder in docs and settings?