Hey, First off, I'm new to the mIRC message boards, so if this has been suggested already I must be doing something wrong because I've done about 7 different searches for this and found nothing... Seems like someone would have thought of this before... or the search here must not work correctly...

/hren Rename Hash Tables.
/hren <table> [item] <new name>
* renames <table> to <new name>
* if [item] is specified, renames [item] to <new name>

and possibly...

/hcopy Copy item from 1 hash table to an other.
/hcopy [-m] <table1> [item] <table2> [item2]
* copies contents of <table1> to <table2>
* if [item] is specified, copies [item] from <table1> to <table2>.
* if [item2] is specified, copies [item] from <table1> to [item2] of <table2>.
* if -m is used, creates <table2> if it doesn't exist.
* if [item2] does not exist, creates [item2] automatically.
* <table2> can be <table1>

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