Well, I need to find a very simple d10 dice bot system that'll roll out a specified number of dice with the ability to change the difficulty level. The current system I have has a hard time with botches and failures. It can calculate the successes correctly and it has no difficulty telling what constitutes a success, failure, and botch. The problem is that it does the "math" for the roller and is supposed to state "Successes #", Failure, or Botch. But it only says "Botch" when it should be "Failure". The problem is that failure's never come up and that's aggrivating because I use the bot as a tuorial for teaching people how to use the dice system. Any one willing to direct me to a script that I could use instead of what I have or would like to take a stab at the problem, I'd be happy to know. I don't know how to program remote scripts like this at all. All I know is that I'm smart enough to figure out some parts of it and that's not good enough for the little tiny problem I have that causes big confusion. Thanks.

PS- If nothing else I'll take a very simple script that'll just roll d10 dice to the specified number. (Like if I tell it to roll 5 dice it pops up with 5 numbers that can be anywhere from 1-10)

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