I was trying to be rude you came across as rude with your comment

It has been a long times since I scripted in Mirc I have forgotten allot and allot has been added.

as for search I looked thru all 201 search results (some are on the same thread)

on this server you see your own host mask for everyone

my hostmask is say mcownage@
when I do a whois or they join i see bob(mcownage@
/whois bob
bob is mcownage@ * McOwnage (this is always the person that does the whois info the rest is the person ya did whois to
bob on #chan1 #chan2 .#chan3
bob using random.fakeserver.net fakename Chat Service
bob is a registered nick
bob has been idle 1hr 43mins 36secs, signed on Fri Apr 06 19:22:27
bob End of /WHOIS list

don't ask how they set that up but they did