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Well "Web 2.0" isn't really powered by languages like Python or Ruby, it's powered by the XmlHttpRequest object made available in modern browsers by exposing it in client-side languages like Javascript and VBScript. Sure, on the server-side an interpreted language is used but there's nothing new in that, and there are dozens if not hundreds of languages available for that task. So why add another? Like you said, languages like Python and Ruby have really raised the bar on power and simplicity, so if anything that just means there's less of a reason for a general purpose language based on mIRC scripting.

Besides that, I don't think a general purpose language based on mIRC scripting would even work. The number of fundamental changes needed to make a mIRC programming language work effectively outside of the mIRC environment would make it as different from mIRC scripting as any existing language like Perl or Python.

Well, Web 2.0 isn't all about AJAX, in my opinion. And Jeffrey Zeldman appears to share my view honestly.

Furtherly, I still think that if a genius like Khaled would create a general purpose dynamic language it will never be "just like the others".

You appreciate what mIRC scripting is able to do.. From DDE to thousands of other things..It is even able to speak! And it had these features FOR YEARS.

And just one last thing, what would be the point to update mIRC now? It's already perfect, if you don't wanna turn it into an automatic espresso machine of course. [and I guess it could even prepare your coffee now, if you interface your script with the right DLL's and the right pieces of hardware.. smile ]

So all that I'm asking here is why a genious like Khaled isn't working on a project for IBM's R&D, MIT, or Google. Or on a breakthrough programming language.

I don't think you can say he wouldn't have the necessary skills, am I being wrong?