I have enough going finallizing two script but from your description I just wanted to make sure you were aware abotu events.

You can only have one event in a file. mIRC will process the first event, from top down, and ignore any other below it. There are ways around this.

1. Most easiest, put them in seperate files.
2. Group all like events into one event.
3. You may have more than one of the same event in the same file if they have a different level or trigger.

For Instance:

on *:text:*:#:{ < this here will process ALL text events, so no other text event may follow.

on *:text:Hi *:#:{ < this will only trigger if they say Hi *, so if other text events after this would still be run but not during this exact event.

on admin:text:*:#:{ < this will only trigger if an admin speaks so it may share the file with other text events that aren't the admin level.

on admin:text:*:#:{ }
on host:text:*:#:{ }
on *:text:Hi *:#:{ }
on *:text:Goodbye *:#:{ }
on *:text:*:#:{ }

This will work because the text event which encompasses any words from anyone is last. So, in a text event, if they aren't admin, not a host, they dont say Hi * and don't say Goodbye *, then it will process the last event which is anyone saying anything.

This is true for all events. (search help for "On")