Agreed that learning any high end programming language would be more beneficial to someone, i don't see any harm in having a mIRCScripts compiler.
Much like you wouldnt just install any software on your pc you wouldn't do so with any mirc script compiled .exe.

I have seen people state it would make it very easy for people to produce malware that deletes all the files on your pc for instance. But really, how hard is that in C++/VB now ? The compiler could put statements in the .exe info such as : sockets,remove,write to indicate what the script utilizes.

I often write small mIRC apps to do something that suits what i need. Since mIRC is always open for me it's not a real problem but having them as small .exe's would be neater .

I rather see mIRCScripts evolve by implementing classes and arrays before any compiled mIRCScripts come out.