So basically my game server post the new seeds for BattleField 2 so people can play on my server now I usually pick up from mIRC from topic a random num lenght of 16 what I mean is

Welcome to #BF2 I currently have 2 open servers up for gameplay NO ABUSE OR Automatic KICK! (BF2:11) 01 93 93 93 01 01 30 20 00 10 01 01 02 02 03 04 (BF2:32) 01 93 93 01 33 39 91 31 57 75 98 18 29 10 39 19 Have FUN

so I pick up these numbers just like that by using

%t = $chan(#).topic

$remove($gettok(%t,$+($calc($findtok(%t,(BF2:11),1,32) + 1),-,$calc($findtok(%t,(BF2:11),1,32) + 16)),32),$chr(32))

so It would be the LENGHT of 16 bytes without any issues BUT.. What if... instead of (BF2:11) 16lenght key it became (BF2:11)16 lenght key having no space between the first byte and the "Gettok/Findtok" it wouldnt work I need to find a way in which I can get both of these ALPHA NUM numbers keeping in mine that (BF2:XX) XX could be any number depending on which Connection to server I have.

So again the method I have on top only works if (BF2:11) 16 lenght is seperated otherwise it fails.

and BTW to even make it more harder sometimes (BF2:11) will have a : beside it like (BF2:11): so its not always 100% static making it hard to use GETTOK routines

if $reality > $fiction { set %sanity Sane }
Else { echo -a *voices* }