There is no way that it asked for the password if you used my code exactly as it is above.

It will only ask your password if you clicked OK, not if you click Cancel, because when you click cancel, the input like you have it returns nothing ($null) so the if (* iswm %email) check is $false, which means it jumps to the else part where I didn't put any code.

alias test {
  var %email = $input(Enter email, qe, email, email)
  if (* iswm %email) {
    ; verify if entered email has correct syntax 
    ; ask for password
    var %p = $input(password, pqe, enter password)
    echo -a Email: %email -- Password: %p
  else {
    ; no email was entered, take necessary steps
    echo -a No email was entered


Using mIRC 6.2 btw.