- (arena) CHANNEL MODE A
- (arena) Usage: MODE <room> +|-A
- (arena) A - Auditorium
- (arena) Auditorium is designed to handle big events without flooding everyone with unimportant information based on the size of the room, it works with +m and often with +M. It will hide the names of most of the people who cannot speak; it will show up to 20 of them. Anyone who can speak will be visible in the names list, and then a maximum of 20 users who cannot will be shown. It will only show
- (arena) users who cannot speak if there are fewer than 20 people who can speak, and then it will show users who cannot speak until there are 20 visible people. When the room is set -A the users will start to appear as they speak unless there is a small number of users, in which case they will massjoin.
- (arena) Privilege: Server Operator.
- (arena) Examples:
- (arena) /mode #webchat +A

- cF
Dedicated helper for rent.