Okay i have a problem here is the code i have after editing it etc:
On @*:JOIN:#213:{
  if ([e]-DCC isin $nick) && ($nick !isvoice #213)) { 
    .ctcp $nick xdcc list 
    set %_bots $addtok(%_bots,$nick,46) 
    .timer 1 10 .set %_bots $remtok(%_bots,$nick,1,46)

On *:NOTICE:*:?:{ 
  if (($istok(%_bots,$nick,46)) && ($nick !isvoice #213)) { mode #213 +v $nick | /avoice $nick | halt }

What i want to do is after the first time add the nick to avoice then when he rejoins just voice him not xdcc list him no more i tried to do the ($nick isavoice #213) thing in the first if statemen and i get invalid any ideas?