looks like a fix, but it is not mentioned anywhere...

(undocumented feature) Isn't that what a bug is? smile

Because it breaks something that's been used for so long, I'm hoping it will be taken away, like the change in mouse-highlighting in 6.17.

Something possibly related to this bug, this example shows the problem. Having a sorted listbox window that uses a hidden value to sort the displayed string:

//window -c @test | window -ls -t1 @test | /aline @test $replace($str(_,50) $+ <tab>displayed string,<tab>,$chr(09))

This shows the 1st "_" of the column-1 index field, then "displayed string" correctly, both in mIRC 6.16 and 6.2. However, when the 50 is changed to a large value around 106 or higher, the "displayed string" disappears in mIRC 6.20, even though there are no colour codes at all. The 106 seems to decrease slightly when there are more -t tabstops used.

In 6.16, the display-string continues to be seen when the 50 is increased up to around 1000, where you get a $str too long error.

The new /aline -t switch has no effect. If there is a reason for the new behaviour, perhaps there could be a switch to use the new setting and let the default remain the old way.