...Krejt would show up in search results, and he has a sticky thread posted at the top of this forum which you could click on too.

I was searching for Tjerk.. heh. Hard to spot that one.

I'm not aware that you can't do the same as he has done for your own profiles.

I just don't understand why a workaround should just be settled on. That's all he's done... but like someone said in this thread, his method of masking is easily avoidable. Scripted methods like html entity munging and image generation are relatively easy to do and 100 times more effective.

Yet the only suggestions people have are to use other communications media, or to make do with existing manual methods of masking.

I guess I'm a little disappointed that the attitude isn't more positive and collaborative when this forum displays thousands of unmasked email addresses for spammers to pick up!

"Just don't elect to show your email then." But I want to, and no reason I should have to choose between spammers and progress.

*sigh* frown

<Ingo> I can't uninstall it, there seems to be some kind of "Uninstall Shield"