I can also use /err 0 1 and then the second if happens!

The problem is that you used :error twise

Well, what do you suggest? confused Sometimes when playing sounds, windows has problems playing it and then it causes error in mIRC.
This causes the script to halt!!! And since I don't want the script to halt then I use :error
Since I want it to continue just after the play command then I need to put :error after each "/splay" command.

If I remove the "goto end" and write: /err 1 1 then it should play the sound.mp3 twice... and since both statements are true and it fails.
How can I prevent the script from halting on error with this case (When it can't play the mp3 file and it has to play it twince in 2 different places in the alias) ??
How do I prevent it from