This list may get a bit unwieldy as more and more bugs come in, but for now it seems useful. It only contains those bugs that have been confirmed by a second poster. Mods feel free to update/edit this if you wish, its only purpose is to be helpful.


#B0001:1:Ctrl-F does not work on Desktop Windows (No Solution Yet)
#B0002:1,2:/did gets truncated when very long (Don't start with a four digit id; Use a-b to shorten; Split to shorter lines)
#B0003:1:$regsubex does not preserve leading/trailing spaces (No Solution Yet)
#B0004:1:/set -l spits back var invalid parameters (hah!)
#B0005:1:Copying using highlighting from outside a line (i.e. empty space) is inconsistent (No Solution Yet)
#B0006:1:100 Timers take 15+ times longer (70 ms vs 1000+ ms) to initialize in 6.17 as compared to 6.16 (No Solution Yet)
#B0007:1:Unset does not perform forced evaluation with [ [ %var ] ] (Exists in previous versions; Use //unset $(%var))


#A0001:1:Highlighted text with the same color background as foreground (Ctrl-K1,1 for instance) get's both background and text reversed, rendering it unreadable. (No Solution Yet)
#A0002:1:Change in switchbar causing previously partially displayed windows to be listed as ... instead of #abc (No Solution Yet)
#A0003:1:Copying UTF-8 text with default settings doesn't work (Set UTF-8 to Display and Encode, Display is insufficient)
#A0004:File dialog for Alt+B > Users > Select a picture for this user (text) is not resizeable (Exists in Previous mIRC versions, No Solution)
#A0005:Alt+B > Notify tab list headers aren't resizeable (Exists in Previous mIRC versions, No Solution)

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