First of all, I really like the way you comment your script with | ;comment, it looks very good. The fact that you didn't use ( ) brackets in your /if statements makes it even prettier too wink

if #* iswm $1 && $2 ison $1

Wouldn't a "if $2 ison $1" be enough? It can never be true if $1 isn't a channel. Furthermore, it wouldn't work on &channels (or any other type of channels supported by the server), although this would be a very rare occasion. You could overdo it by having something like "if $left($1,1) isin $chantypes" but I think just omitting the 1st condition is enough smile

You might wanna throw an "if $me !isop %chan" check in there too (right after "else return"), although somebody could have a higher mode (not @ - op) that would allow him to kick people, in which case you would probably need a
"if $nick(%chan,$me,$left($prefix,$pos($prefix,@)))"
but that's a bit far-fetched too :tongue:

/.timerQ 1 0 echo /.timerQ 1 0 $timer(Q).com