I coldent get anything from hixxy's or Collective's timers, didnt echo anything to me :tongue:

captain_comic's code worked, but it echo the time over and over again, i need something that echo only when the time strikes 21 or 22 .. i tryed to manipulate my system clock "turn it back 1 minute", but still nothing when it striked 2.. :tongue: dont know if i did something wrong, but i dont think i did..

EDIT ------------------------

this is what i use now..

.timer 00:00 1 1 echo -a The time is now: $time
.timer 01:00 1 1 echo -a The time is now: $time

the problem is that it have been triggered it stops, 0 is running for ever, but i dont know if thats a good idea to use it that way, it end up in allot of timers running.. :tongue:

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