on *:KICK:#: {
  if ($knick === $me) {
    //join $chan
    //notice $nick you may not kick $me
    //notice %owner $nick kicked me from $chan [[ $time ]]
  else {
    //set %kick $iif($read(nokick.txt,s,$knick),yes,no)
    if %kick == yes {
      //notice $nick (WARNING)  you may not kick $knick
      //notice %owner $nick kicked $knick from $chan
      //invite $knick $chan

I add my nick to nokick.txt
Someone kicked me to test this script.
then I was the one to get warned:

-channel- (WARNING) you may not kick theguy0000

but I am theguy0000 and I was kicked by someone else, who did not get any warning whatsoever.

what is wrong here?