Hi there.

I'm using a docking DLL, which works just fine when I disable the "confirm on exit" option in mIRC.

Even with this option enabled, the DLL still works fine if I normally close mIRC and press the "yes" button in the confirmation dialog.

However, when I press the "no" button, the docking will be really messed up.

I traced this back to the WM_CLOSE message, which is sent even before you confirmed the exit. So basically, the DLL issues the commands that are meant for "unloading" the DLL even though mIRC is still running (i.e. you pressed "no" in the confirmation dialog).

So, my question is, is there a simple solution for this problem? Like a message I can use instead of WM_CLOSE, that triggers when mIRC is REALLY closed?

Thanks for your help.