doh! shocked

Anyways I wouldn't suggest making it for anyone with [p] in their name, because if someone were to just add it in... Chaos!
I would suggest using a small hash table, or an INI file of sorts.
For keeping a list of people smile

alias get.op { return $iif($readini(operlist.ini,users,$1), is on, isn't on) the oper list }
alias addop { 
writeini operlist.ini users $1 true 
if ($1 ison #plounge) { mode #plounge o $1 }
alias remop { 
remini operlist.ini users $1 
if (41 ison #plounge) { mode #plounge -o $1 }
menu nicklist {
Oper List
.$nick is $get.op($1)
.Add to list : addop $$1
.Remove from list : remop $$1
on *:join:#: {
if ($chan == #plounge) && ($get.op($1) == is on the oper list) {
mode $chan +o $nick

I don't have time or the program to check this to see if it works or not right now, I'm at school... mad

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