.set %FOXNews.output $+(",$scriptdir,FOX-news.txt,")
.set %FOXNews.output2 $+(",$scriptdir,FOX-urls.txt,")

So, all the news is stored there. It's not in a custom window. Perhaps you were talking about the dialog instead.

At the end of the sockclose section, you can just add a /play command...

on *:sockclose:FOX:{ 
  did -r FOX 5 
  did -a FOX 7 Double-Clicking a Headline Will Open It In Your Browser... (Updated: $asctime(mmmm doo $+ $chr(44) yyyy -- hh:nntt) $+ ) 
  set %fox.updatetime $asctime(mmmm doo $+ $chr(44) yyyy -- hh:nntt) 
  play [color:red]#yourchannel[/color] %FOXNews.output

Note that if you want the urls, you can use %FOXNews.output2 instead.

To get it to run automatically, you can use a timer...

/timer 0 3600 getnews

As for making it display only a few parts of the news, that would require more editing than I'm really willing to do.

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