/f4 {
dialog -m mp3player mp3player | var %dialog.mp3s $findfile($sound(mp3),*.mp3,0)
while (%dialog.mp3s > 0) { did -a mp3player 20 $nopath($findfile($sound(mp3),*.mp3,%dialog.mp3s)) | dec %dialog.mp3s 1 }

When I use that, it takes about 2 minutes (locks mirc) to list all my mp3s in the listbox. If I use the following:

/mp32 {
if ($window(@MP3)) { clear -@ @MP3 }
if (!$window(@MP3)) { window -Ensk0 @MP3 Times New Roman,11 | font @MP3 11 Times New Roman }
!.echo -q $findfile(c:\multimedia files\,*.mp3,0,aline -l 9 @MP3 $nopath($longfn($1-))).shortfn

it takes about 9 seconds to list them all (granted it's in a custom window and not a dialog). Is there ANY way I can speed up the listing?? When using !.echo -q $findfile(c:\multimedia files\,*.mp3,0,aline -l 9 @MP3 $nopath($longfn($1-))).shortfn tweaked slightly, it took even longer than the method above.

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