Heh. So he is. laugh

Updated for the correct type of apostrophe:

alias masskick {
  [color:blue]; Check to see if the alias is typed inside a channel, or if a channel name is specified.  If not, give error and exit.[/color]
  if ($chan == $null && $1 == $null) { echo -a ERROR: Use this command in a channel, or specify the channel to use. | return }
  [color:blue]; Set %chan to either the current channel or to $1.[/color]
  if ($1 != $null) {
    var %chan = $1
  else var %chan = $chan
  [color:blue]; Check to see if you have ops.  If not, give an error and halt.[/color]
  if ($me !isop %chan) { echo -a ERROR: You are not opped in the channel. | return }
  var %c = 1
  var %i = $nick(%chan,0)
  while (%c <= %i) {
    var %nick = $nick(%chan,%c)
    [color:blue]; Check to see if the nick is $me, or if the nick has the rotk' tag at the beginning of the nick.  If either is true, skip the nick.  Otherwise, continue with the kick.[/color]
    if (rotk`* !iswm %nick && %nick != $me) { 
      kick %chan %nick Masskick Everyone is kicked so don't take it personal.
    inc %c

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