OK heres the deal.

I have used Mirc for about a week and was on last night and all was good, then i shutdown everything and went to bed. Now I come back today and click my shortcut for mirc and it opens the .hlp file... So my mirc.exe is now a mirc.hlp file.

Ive uninstalled totally and cleared my reg of every referance of mirc, then reinstalled fresh and even to a different directiory and same thing....

Any ideas?

Im doing a virus scan now, but I keep up on that good and have firewall protection... so im lost.. please help me!

Post your response here or email me (if this is allowed in the forum) at roblogan@sbcglobal.net


Hey thought this might help. Upon install the only files that are installed are as follows:

IRC Intro - Help file
mIRC Help - Help File
mIRC and all are 1kb in size

Ive even downloaded the install file from 3 different mirrors.

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