I just went to that site you mentioned, and if your going to go ape about him going to that site, well you were just looking for an excuse to go ape about something anyway.

Heres the hard truth, "he was looking at nude pictures of girls" wow like no man has ever done that before.

What he lied about? well that was your doing, you put him on the spot, what was he going to say, "oh dont worry baby i love you i just like staring at naked girls!" omg i can really see that going down well.

Ill spin the wheel on ya and say, this "why shouldnt he look at them pics, its not like you have any trust in him, you snooped in his browser history!"
(hes screwed for looking at porn and your screwed for looking in his brower)

PS: I get on with my better half just fine, so dont be thinking im bitter and twisted up, i just think u need a reality check, that sites tame by internet porn standards.

PSS: hohoho my other half has read this and now im in IT as well the SH IT lol!