Ok, so I made a cool script that is like a mini KingsOfChaos (Online RPG Game). Alright, I made a !buy command, and you can buy UP (Unit Production).

   if ($2- == all UP) {
    if ( $readini( $nick $+ .ini, THINGS, gold) <= 10000) { msg $nick Not enough gold. | .halt }
    writeini $nick $+ .ini THINGS UP $calc( $readini( $nick $+ .ini, THINGS, UP) + $calc( $readini( $nick $+ .ini, THINGS, gold) / 10000 ))
    writeini $nick $+ .ini THINGS gold $calc( $readini( $nick $+ .ini, THINGS, gold) - $readini( $nick $+ .ini, THINGS, gold))
    msg $nick Purchase successfull. Your UP is now:  $readini( $nick $+ .ini, THINGS, UP) 

That is the UP command. I need to know how to make it get rid of decimals after it does it's calculations.

If you need anymore info, please feel free to contact me at either mikefosh@gmail.com or on here. Thank For Any Help You Can Give.