So what your saying is, you were given clear instructions what loads the history list of a @window and then you did SOMETHING ELSE, and you say it doesnt work? WOW i dont really have a clue why that might have happened. <snicker snicker>

And as to it activates the command entered, I never said it didnt, that was simply how to load the buffer, it doesnt take much to halt a command of course.

In case you dont think it can be done.

;load the history buffer of any window(s)
;usage /load.history windowname text
; ^ windowname can only be one word
;usage $load.history(windowname,text content)
; ^ windowname can be multiple words ie: "status window", NB if hardcoding text beware of the limitation of placing commas
;NB : History well not be stored untill calling script completes
alias load.history {
  if (($len($1) == 0) || ($len($2) == 0)) { return }
  hadd -m history.spool.buffer Buffer.Start $int($calc($hget(history.spool.buffer,Buffer.Start) + 0))
  hadd -m history.spool.buffer Buffer.Finish $iif($int($calc($hget(history.spool.buffer,Buffer.Finish) + 1)),$v1)
  hadd -m history.spool.buffer $v1 $+($1,$cr,$2-)
  .timer.despool.history.spool.buffer 1 0 despool.history.spool.buffer
alias -l despool.history.spool.buffer {
  if ($0) { var %active = $1- } | else { var %active = $active }
  var %start  = $int($calc($hget(history.spool.buffer,Buffer.Start) + 0))
  var %finish = $int($calc($hget(history.spool.buffer,Buffer.Finish) + 0))
  while ( (%start &lt;= %finish) &amp;&amp; ( ($numtok($hget(history.spool.buffer,%start),$asc($cr)) &lt; 2) || (!$numtok($gettok($hget(history.spool.buffer,%start),1,$asc($cr)),32)) || (!$numtok($gettok($hget(history.spool.buffer,%start),2-,$asc($cr)),32)) || (!$window($gettok($gettok($hget(history.spool.buffer,%start),1 ,$asc($cr)),1-,32))) ) ) { inc %start }
  if (%start &lt;= %finish) {
    hadd -m history.spool.buffer Buffer.Start %start
    var %window = $gettok($gettok($hget(history.spool.buffer,%start),1 ,$asc($cr)),1-,32)
    var %text   = $gettok($gettok($hget(history.spool.buffer,%start),2-,$asc($cr)),1-,32)
    hdel history.spool.buffer %start
    set -u1000000000 %history.buffer.load.text %text
    .timer.despool.history.spool.buffer 1 0 despool.history.spool.buffer %active
    window -a $+(",%window,")
    editbox $iif((%window == Status Window),-ns,-n %window) %text
  else {
    hfree -w history.spool.buffer
    window -a $+(",%active,")
on *:INPUT:*:{ if ($1- == %history.buffer.load.text) { unset %history.buffer.load.text | halt } }

and example alias is below on how to load them

alias example {
  window -c @targetwindow1 | window -e @targetwindow1
  window -c @targetwindow2 | window -e @targetwindow2
  window -a "status window"
  load.history @targetwindow1 this is t1 line 1 $time
  load.history $chan(1) a line in $chan(1) $time
  load.history @targetwindow1 this is t1 line 2 $time
  load.history @targetwindow3 this is t3 line 1 $time
  load.history $chan(2) a line in $chan(2) $time
  $load.history(Status window,status window text $time)
  load.history @targetwindow2 this is t2 line 1 $time
  load.history @targetwindow1 this is t1 line 3 $time
  load.history @targetwindow2 this is t2 line 2 $time

The flickering between windows is the only unavoidable problem, due to the way mirc handles the history list, only text entered into the active window well be saved to history.