greet people:
Note: when u c %%%, replace it with your #channel
on *:JOIN:%%%:{
msg $chan Welcome $nick to $chan $+ !

to c members:
every member will write this on channel:
Note: They need to type '!join to clan' to join...
Note: replace $$$ with your Clan Name
on *:TEXT:!join to clan:%%%:{
write Members.txt $nick
msg $chan $$$ have a new member! $nick $+ !

here is a code that u can c all the members...
Note: Weite !members on the channel
on *:TEXT:!members:%%%:{
msg $chan Member List:
play $chan Members.txt

and i guess its all...
have problems?
if u have ICQ, MSN, write to me..
ICQ: 302549017

by the time you finish reading this, you realize you have wasted 5 secundes of your life!