Speaking of a Channel Central bug, I thought that this concentrated interface to all channel modes may benefit from a few visual improvements. Allow me to detail.

The Bans, Excepts and Invites buttons could be transformed into tabs for the list to their left.

Not all IRC servers support Exception (+e) and Invite (+I) lists. So, if the server doesn't support them, it would be a good idea to hide them. Undernet servers announce a list of supported features with RAW 005 on connect, one of them being CHANMODES=b,k,l,imnpstr. Since e and I modes are not in this list, mIRC could make the Excepts and Invites buttons disappear (visible property set to false). And for the servers which don't support RAW 005, well, they ought to wink Just kidding.

There are other channel modes which are network-specific, but don't appear in Channel Central. It could also be a good idea to dynamically create checkboxes under the standard ones for each specific mode. In the above example from Undernet, +r is a specific mode, so the window could have an extra checkbox labeled "+r" to control this mode. Perhaps it would look better if the window had two panels with tabs for channel modes as well, one for "general" modes (standard ones) and another for "network specific" which is displayed only when such extra modes exist. The network name also can be displayed there, such as "UnderNet modes" (network name also is given by a parameter in RAW 005).

I hope that I made myself understood smile If I had Visual Studio installed, I would have produced a screenshot of how I imagine the Channel Central window. These changes are merely improvements to the user interface to increase its usability. Thanks in advance for considering these changes smile