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Jump to new posts Keyboard hook for mIRC by lerpicus @ Today at 04:52 AM
I am a hobbyist programmer who started with Turbo Pascal and currently dabble in the arcane arts with Delphi 7. I recently had success with programming some simple dlls, and would like to investigate a dll that intercepts keyboard activity, just for
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts Request for Internal Quiet List - $iql() - isquiet by Raccoon @ Yesterday at 07:54 AM
Its been about a decade since many IRCds have implemented the mode extension +q (quiet) to compliment channel +beI (ban exempt Invite) lists. It is in popular use among many large (including freenode) networks. Please add $iql() to go along with $i
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts integrate it to win 10 notifications? by Mega @ 20/02/17 04:46 PM
What I would like to see is the ability to give me a notification on the windows 10 notification bar when someone puts something in a chat room while I have the program minimized. So that way I don't have to keep clicking on it to check every few mi
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts ABook > Highlight > Tip Message doesn't evaluate by Raccoon @ 20/02/17 02:26 PM
The Highlight feature's Tip Message doesn't evaluate. Things like $nick or $target or the $1- $highlight() text that was spoken, would be handy to know why you're being highlighted in the tip message. My current tip message is pretty boring and rep
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts Number to Words by mruno @ 19/02/17 11:19 AM
I would love it if there was a Number to Words identifier that would convert 1 -> one and vice versa. Thank you
General Discussion
Jump to new posts No more displaying the Channels list dialog window by Balubeto @ 18/02/17 10:38 AM
Hi In mIRC 7.47, when I connect to a server, a dialog window that lists the channels list is automatically displayed. How do I make sure that this window does not appear more at each connection? Thanks Bye