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Scripts & Popups
Jump to new posts Anyone Can Help me ? by Aryan @ 36 minutes 11 seconds ago
hi guys just need a small script on which i want every new text line to be auto copied to clipboard, like if the channel name is #sports, then what should be the script, anyone?reply
Scripts & Popups
Jump to new posts Add Clickable Icons by Nickbuc @ 25/03/17 06:54 PM
Would it be possible to add in clickable icons next to users in chat for two commands? Such as ban and timeout?
Scripts & Popups
Jump to new posts Clone scan by Anti @ 24/03/17 09:03 AM
Hello all, I have this script: http://pastebin.com/vTqstuMj The problem is that it print ever the same nick, and not all the nick with the same ip/dns. If I use in prompt window of mIRC this string : //echo -a $ialchan(*!*@domain,#chabbel,1).n
Scripts & Popups
Jump to new posts [Twitch] API Error: Bad Request; No client id... by Bramzee @ 23/03/17 07:35 PM
EDIT: I'm an idiot, and forgot about the "search" feature... Quote:$msgtags(display-name).key Thanks anyway to anyone that was thinking about helping It's been awhile since I've had to come on here. Mostly because once I got things g
Bug Reports
Jump to new posts Using wildcard timer names do not pause timers by FroggieDaFrog @ 19/03/17 07:48 PM
I made an (incorrect) assumption the following would work: Code:alias example { timerExample1 1 0 echo -a Example1 timerExample2 1 0 echo -a Example2 ;; should pause all matching timers timerExample* -p }
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts Display > Switchbar Lines > Auto +1 | Auto +2 by Raccoon @ 11/03/17 06:04 PM
Dear Khaled, Could you please add the options Auto+1, Auto+2, Auto-1, Auto-2 to mIRC's Options > Display > [Switchbar] Lines combo list? In this way the user can selectively choose a more expanded or condensed switchbar list from the regular
Scripts & Popups
Jump to new posts [TWITCH] Help with regex, regular expressions by wobY @ 10/03/17 06:36 PM
EDIT: NVM, figured it out So I'm making a antispam script using regex. So for example if somebody in chat types "dab" he will get timed out for 10 sec. I wrote the code but came across a problem, in the 9th line Code: if ($regex($1-,/\b %
Feature Suggestions Dear Khaled, Could you give $wildtok() the same treatment as $hfind(,,,W), where you can match a single string against a list of strings containing wildcards? For example: $wildtok(#mIRC #*help* #bitcoin-*, $chan, 0, 32, W) The above would check
mIRC Help
Jump to new posts IP Lookup / DCC Problems when using VPN by 4916a30604 @ 02/03/17 09:07 AM
Hi, this is not a request for help but the easiest solution I found for a problem I had. Problem: I couldn't receive files using passive DCC. I already forwarded the correct ports in my router and set them accordingly in mirc. The problem was the IP
Scripts & Popups I am asking for help to test and break this script. Otherwise, I'm featuring it here so people can start using it far and wide. I'd like to know if it works in v6.35 pre-UTF8 support. - Raccoon Code:; $is_nickspam() - Nickname Highlight Spam Detect
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts /bset - add "-n" switch to prevents UTF-8 encoded by rockcavera @ 01/03/17 07:45 PM
It would be interesting add a switch that prevents characters in the range 0-255 from being UTF-8 encoded to work together with the "-t" switch for the /bset command. I already addressed this subject in this post: here I believe this is
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts Help > About > Convert to Portable Install by Raccoon @ 01/03/17 11:55 AM
Dear Khaled, There seems to be a bit of confusion and some mysticism over how mIRC behaves differently between a standard installation and in its portable form. Specifically, converting a standard install into a portable install takes some measured