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Jump to new posts Challenge(Short-Code): $skip by FroggieDaFrog @ Yesterday at 06:16 PM
Overview Starts: Tuesday, July 25, 2017 Ends: Monday, August 7, 2017 @ 12:00pm EDT Description: Return only characters of an input that aren't to be skipped over Type: Short-Code Explanation Create an identifier alias named skip tha
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Jump to new posts Ban on multiple channels by Mike2Mike @ 23/07/17 11:10 PM
Hi is it possible to make a short script to ban in multiple channels? i need to ban people in 20 channels, different reasons, on text or on action, but is there a way not type for all scripts /ban chan1 /ban chan2 /ban chan4 /ban chan4 [...] /ban
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Jump to new posts please help by Deckard @ 18/07/17 06:22 AM
on @*:JOIN:#: if (%fld_temp. [ $+ [ # ] ] == $true) { return } | inc %bfld. [ $+ [ # ] ] | .timer -o 1 3 unset %bfld. [ $+ [ # ] ] | if (%bfld. [ $+ [ # ] ] >= 5) { set -u60 %fld_temp. [ $+ [ # ] ] $true | notice # Channel has been locked due to p
mIRC Help
Jump to new posts Open irc:// links in a single instance not many by Yarharhar @ 17/07/17 08:01 PM
Is there a way to change Mirc so that when you click a link, it opens in the current instance of Mirc that's running, instead of spawning a new process?
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts /dcc get filename like /dcc get folder by Protopia @ 12/07/17 04:34 PM
We already have a "/dcc get <folder>" command that allows a script processing a "CTCP *:DCC SEND*:?:" event to direct the file to a directory. It would be great if we could allow the script to specify the filename to be rec
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts A slightly more native support for Arrays by Raccoon @ 11/07/17 08:01 AM
Currently: Arrays are supported by two methods, var %bar = 1 var %foo $+ %bar = baz echo -a $($+(%,foo,%bar),2) Return: baz otherwise var %bar = 1 var %foo $+ %bar = baz echo -a %foo [ $+ [ %bar ] ] Return: baz This is all fine and good, but ver
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Jump to new posts how to filter out a sentence that includes phrases by davidson1 @ 10/07/17 10:37 PM
hi, how do I ignore/filter out/hide messages that include certain phrases? I'm in some channels that has a bot announcing all kinds of things. some are important, some are not. I want to ignore the bots news announcement. it goes like "New Story
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Jump to new posts previous nickname tracker by BabyBear @ 10/07/17 07:33 AM
Hi I have a script I got from somewhere (I can't remember where.) I have been trying to amend it so that if one of my ops on my mibbit channel use it they will get the information. Currently the information only goes to me bot. The problem I have is
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts Support CPRIVMSG / CNOTICE by Protopia @ 09/07/17 01:23 PM
Some servers (most notably UnderNet) control how many target nicks a user can send messages to in order to prevent spam. (As a side note, it is supposed to limit targets to 20 over a 2 minute period, but the code seems to do something else.) To all
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts dcc get folders command parameter by Protopia @ 09/07/17 10:49 AM
I want to run a command (winunzip.exe) every time I receive a .zip or .rar file. However the command box in the DCC Get Folder dialog only seems to allow 56 characters (though sometimes I can type an extra space but not any other character which is
General Discussion
Jump to new posts karaoke channel by captax @ 09/07/17 02:17 AM
my karaoke channel disappeared are there any operating on irc?
mIRC Help
Jump to new posts Connect mirc to buzzen add trivia by Bobkatjo @ 08/07/17 08:03 PM
Hello it has been 10 years for me and I can not figure out how to connect my mirc to my buzzen chat room, I would like to have mirc beable to play trivia in my buzzen chat room. When I download mirc I am supposed to save it as TriviaBot? I need some
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Jump to new posts Twitch find string in chat by kokkie0 @ 05/07/17 06:20 PM
As twitch changed a lot in mirc i need some help. I want to search the "chat" for a certain text and then respond to it... Anyone know how to do it with the new way twitch sends the messages? Is it something in the RAW part or something? Tr
Scripts & Popups
Jump to new posts [request] Script for parting channel with autohost by ladydaney @ 03/07/17 08:56 PM
I am looking for a script that will part a channel when the channel begins hosting another.
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts $strip() option to "trim" control code redundancy by Raccoon @ 02/07/17 06:54 PM
I would like to request an option added to $strip(), or a new identifier $trimcodes(), that reduces control codes to the essentials necessary for identical rendering without redundancies. For examples: This is ^K02^K04red^K text. -> This is ^K04
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts Add $rawdeflate and $rawinflate by rockcavera @ 29/06/17 10:48 PM
It would be interesting to include a $rawdeflate and $rawinflate identifier in the same way as $compress and $decompress, since mIRC already has zlib. The interesting thing is the possibility of compressing and decompressing just by taking the block