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Feature Suggestions Its been about a decade since many IRCds have implemented the mode extension +q (quiet) to compliment channel +beI (ban exempt Invite) lists. It is in popular use among many large (including freenode) networks. Please add $iql() to go along with $i
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts integrate it to win 10 notifications? by Mega @ 20/02/17 04:46 PM
What I would like to see is the ability to give me a notification on the windows 10 notification bar when someone puts something in a chat room while I have the program minimized. So that way I don't have to keep clicking on it to check every few mi
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts ABook > Highlight > Tip Message doesn't evaluate by Raccoon @ 20/02/17 02:26 PM
The Highlight feature's Tip Message doesn't evaluate. Things like $nick or $target or the $1- $highlight() text that was spoken, would be handy to know why you're being highlighted in the tip message. My current tip message is pretty boring and rep
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts Number to Words by mruno @ 19/02/17 11:19 AM
I would love it if there was a Number to Words identifier that would convert 1 -> one and vice versa. Thank you
General Discussion
Jump to new posts No more displaying the Channels list dialog window by Balubeto @ 18/02/17 10:38 AM
Hi In mIRC 7.47, when I connect to a server, a dialog window that lists the channels list is automatically displayed. How do I make sure that this window does not appear more at each connection? Thanks Bye
General Discussion
Jump to new posts mirc Toolbar handle in delphi dll by Doctor_Souza @ 16/02/17 09:36 PM
hi, i creating a dll in delphi but, i need the tag of call toolbar to using in my dll, in normal i used "hwnd" but active my function in main mirc window. sorry for my bad english
Jump to new posts My Script 1.0 by Tiago @ 14/02/17 02:37 PM
First image of my script working with the latest mIRC beta v7.47.211 Print Screen:
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts Add &binvar support to /echo /play /clipboard by Raccoon @ 14/02/17 06:25 AM
Please add &binvar support to /echo, /play, /clipboard.
Jump to new posts HTML Coder for an IRC Room Bot by Methos @ 12/02/17 10:07 PM
I am looking for a coder to write code for fully functioning channel bot. I will host the bot, after, but will need updated edits if/when. The room has been around for several years online live. Let me know where to look/go or talk to that would b
Scripts & Popups
Jump to new posts Need help with Twitch announcer by TUSK3N @ 12/02/17 02:12 PM
http://hawkee.com/snippet/16166/ This is the script I have been trying out since this is the script I was exactly looking for, when someone goes live on twitch that I have stored it will announce it in my chat. Attention! Channel is now live with t
Scripts & Popups
Jump to new posts Help please. by Nemanja @ 10/02/17 11:45 PM
I wonder how can mirc notify me on specific hostname when the random nick with specific host join in common channel? Example: On Join Channel <random-nick> (random-ident@specifichost.com) Can mirc track specific hostname like he track Nicks in
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts Initialize Variables with /set -i by Raccoon @ 07/02/17 12:16 PM
I would like to request a /set switch -i to indicate that the variable should be initialized with this value if the variable does not already exist. The code I am using to do this currently looks like: Code: ; Initialize Variables if (%__IdleHid
Scripts & Popups
Jump to new posts Highlight excluding selected nicknames by NewUserrr @ 06/02/17 08:29 PM
Hi. Searching through the web I found a method for disabling selected channels from highlight option: https://forums.multiplay.com/team-fortress-2-pickups/63785-how-disable-highlight-per-channel-mirc Code:alias myhlnick { var %max = $numtok(
General Discussion
Jump to new posts Dúvida no mirc by Jow @ 03/02/17 10:12 PM
Boa Noite Pessoal To usando a ultima vs do mirc e tinha adicionado vários recursos e alterei cor de fundo tava bem legal ... mais hoje ao abrir meu script ele volto a ficar mirc puro.. Alguém poderia me ajudar?
mIRC Help
Jump to new posts DCC Send/Get window auto-pop up by Blackstarr @ 02/02/17 04:50 PM
Is there a way, when receiving and sending files for each of those windows to NOT pop up, but to keep a particular channel window active at all times? Obviously, I am asking in reference to having Mirc channels maximized in size within the Mirc progr
Connection Issues
Jump to new posts Accessing a nick already registered by Balubeto @ 29/01/17 10:53 AM
Hi Using mIRC 7.47, how do I access a nick already registered on an IRC server? Thanks Bye