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Jump to new posts Re: spam protection help by x3pos @ Today at 03:31 PM
/me messages dont work help me please
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Jump to new posts Re: New ID property for IAL entries by Raccoon @ Today at 10:41 AM
If you settle on .name instead of .mark, then I would recommend changing $ial().name to $ial().realname or $ial().gecos To me, it still feels like .mark (or .name) should be the default behavior UNLESS a non-numeric string is passed for $2. Then, i
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Jump to new posts Re: On OPEN and Single Message Windows by Khaled @ Today at 08:43 AM
The overlap should be okay here since any non-zero value implies it is enabled ie. ($dqwindow == 1) means it is enabled, ($dqwindow == 2) means it is enabled, about to be opened and written to, and ($dqwindow == 3) means it is enabled, already open a
Jump to new posts Re: Keyboard hook for mIRC by lerpicus @ Today at 12:51 AM
I am exceedingly grateful for your input, Khaled. May a thousand elephants fertilize your pumpkin patch with their droppings.
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Jump to new posts Re: How to send a timer message to a channel from txt by MaxEvans @ Yesterday at 08:47 PM
This is the whole script. It's not completed yet, I'm just trying to get the main script itself to work the way I want it to. dialog quotebot { title "Quote Bot Setup" size -1 -1 160 240 option dbu box "Quotes", 1, 8 4
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Jump to new posts Re: $regsubex and \t by Wims @ Yesterday at 04:57 PM
This post explains how \t works. I do not believe the behavior of \t is a bug, however, I'm wondering why was \t added in the first place, because without /g, it's only going to return the first captured group (not that useful), the same as \1, but \
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Jump to new posts Re: hangman [Twitch] by splinny @ Yesterday at 09:29 AM
There is no color code support at Twitch IRC, so no problem. (You can see colors only in your own IRC client, other users will not)
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Jump to new posts Re: mIRC beta by Khaled @ 24/02/17 03:45 PM
The latest beta can be downloaded here. It includes these changes: Html:mIRC v7.47.638 Beta 1.Item 15, http://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/260026 Fixed /server password backward compatibility issue. 2.Item 22, http://forums.mirc.com/ub
Bug Reports I may be missing something but he doesn't need on parseline there, he should just "do stuff" from the on open event
Feature Suggestions Its been about a decade since many IRCds have implemented the mode extension +q (quiet) to compliment channel +beI (ban exempt Invite) lists. It is in popular use among many large (including freenode) networks. Please add $iql() to go along with $i
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Jump to new posts Re: SearchBot Queue Issue - by Loki12583 @ 23/02/17 03:18 PM
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Jump to new posts Re: Searching chat Logs, Filter everything out? by Raccoon @ 23/02/17 02:10 AM
This is my 90% polished Grep script. I've been using it for years. Code:; a_grep.mrc (Aliases) ; GREP by Raccoon 02-June-2013 ; ; Usage: /grep <["][path\]file_mask.*.log["]> <word_or_*globbing*_or_/regex/_pattern> ; ; E
Scripts & Popups
Jump to new posts Re: Need $uac script. by Raccoon @ 22/02/17 02:06 PM
IsAdmin { var %file = $regsubex($envvar(SystemDrive),/\\?$/,\) $+ admintest $+ $ticks $+ $r(1,999999999999) | .fopen -no admintest $qt(%file) | .fclose admintest | var %rslt = $exists(%file) | if (%rslt) .remove $qt(%file) | if (!$isid) echo -a * IsA
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Jump to new posts Re: 7.47.489 sasl plain fails if nick is in use by Raccoon @ 21/02/17 07:25 PM
Your preferred nickname doesn't necessarily need to be tied to your account name, on a great many/most networks. Indeed, you can usually change nicknames without losing your 'Logged In' state. Some networks might log you out. If you changed nickna
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Jump to new posts Re: RAW ACCOUNT:*: and $ial().account timing. by Khaled @ 21/02/17 07:00 PM
I have changed ACCOUNT, AWAY, and CHGHOST so that the ^event sees the IAL as it is before it is updated. It would not be possible to add an /updatenl type update to these events.
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Jump to new posts Re: New /ialfill command: How does it work? by Khaled @ 21/02/17 07:36 AM
/ialfill has no other parameters or options. At this point, I would rather make sure it is working correctly in its simplest form across all ircds and may consider adding extensions later on. Good point about the T parameter. I'll set it to a fixed
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Jump to new posts Re: /server with pass by Raccoon @ 20/02/17 05:24 PM
Oh, I think I narrowed down the bug for the server list. If I Edit the server > Change from the default "Server Password (/PASS)" to an alternate (eg: SASL) method > hit OK > Edit the server again > Change back to "Server
Feature Suggestions
Jump to new posts integrate it to win 10 notifications? by Mega @ 20/02/17 04:46 PM
What I would like to see is the ability to give me a notification on the windows 10 notification bar when someone puts something in a chat room while I have the program minimized. So that way I don't have to keep clicking on it to check every few mi
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Jump to new posts ABook > Highlight > Tip Message doesn't evaluate by Raccoon @ 20/02/17 02:26 PM
The Highlight feature's Tip Message doesn't evaluate. Things like $nick or $target or the $1- $highlight() text that was spoken, would be handy to know why you're being highlighted in the tip message. My current tip message is pretty boring and rep
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Jump to new posts Re: Middle-click Switchbar Tab to Close / Part. by Raccoon @ 20/02/17 02:06 PM
Thanks! <3
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Jump to new posts Re: hash table items do not unset... by mruno @ 19/02/17 07:59 PM
thank you