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Scripts & Popups
Jump to new posts Re: Counting multiple keywords in 1 message by KevinSlice @ 23/05/17 09:10 PM
So, I think I got it to work exactly the way I wanted it to. Thanks to you both I've managed to combine both the script that counts the total bits, as well as the functionality to check the authenticity of the bits. Code: on *:text:*:#: { set -l
Scripts & Popups
Jump to new posts Re: Script to generate random Twitch user name color by JumboPaperClip @ 23/05/17 08:29 PM
Is there anyway to make it so it doesn't repeat a color (color range) within like 10 lines of text? Just trying to make it more colorful, less colors that are almost the same would be nice. Kind Regards, -JumboPaperClip