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Jump to new posts Re: Help me please by maroon @ Today at 10:16 PM
does the style 'multi' not give you what you're seeking?
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Jump to new posts Re: Help me please by Tiago @ Today at 08:29 PM
That way I also know how to do it, but mIRC does allow this, because the Windows Group dialog has it, and somehow Khaled did it!
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Jump to new posts Re: Help me please by ruprecht @ Today at 05:34 PM
The text label for a checkbox control can't be split like that, but it's possible to fake it. One way is to use the first part of the text in the check, and make a text control under it with the rest of the line. Code: check "&Adjust window
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Jump to new posts Help me please by Tiago @ Today at 01:31 PM
I would like to put the text of a check in two lines. Someone can help me? Line: check "&Adjust windows to Toolbar and Statusbar", 17, 19 120 150 14 And he wanted it to look like this: Adjust windows to Toolbar and Statusbar
Feature Suggestions I wish to propose a new event prefix, ~ On *:TEXT:*foo*:#: { } On ~*:TEXT:*bar*:#: { } On ~*:TEXT:*baz*:#: { } All three of these events would fire because the latter two are specifically asking to be excluded from the Event-Priority-Sequence of a
Bug Reports Thanks for your bug report. I have not been able to reproduce this issue so far. If I use "/debug -i on $test" to make debug call an alias called "test", it continues to be called until I use "/debug off". Can you provid
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Jump to new posts Re: /ignore command delay bug by Khaled @ Today at 09:16 AM
Thanks for your bug report. I was able to reproduce this issue. The /ignore and Options/Ignore dialog were using slightly different methods to create the ignore entry that affected how the network name was saved for the entry. This issue has been fix
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Jump to new posts /debug identifier filter called after /debug off by Protopia @ Today at 09:03 AM
I have a script that opens a debug custom window and filters the lines output using an alias identifier. When I close the window or issue /debug off the identifier continues to be called. Is this a bug or by design? How do I turn off calling an id
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Jump to new posts Event request On Timer by Raccoon @ Today at 04:10 AM
I would like to request a new event On Timer to supplement the existing /timer command. The intention is to enable cleaner overall scripting with [certain] persistent timed events, and to introduce new features for clock-synchronized regular timer f
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Jump to new posts Re: (Twitch) New twitch sub script? by Ikatzuki @ Yesterday at 11:26 PM
Originally Posted By: zapdos26Does it still message the channel at least? Because I did make an error. Code:raw USERNOTICE:*:{ if ($msgtags(msg-id).key == sub) { if ($msgtags(msg-param-sub-plan).key isnum) { var %tier = $calc(($msgtags
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Jump to new posts Re: $chr() Question by FroggieDaFrog @ Yesterday at 10:12 PM
All punctuation? Code:$regsubex(message, /[\s[:punct:]]/g,)
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Jump to new posts Re: Please help me with my bad words script by dole @ Yesterday at 05:30 PM
I believe the problem is that if you're testing this script in #yellowcrayon, that the first ON TEXT event is trapping all incoming text from the channel, so a !addbadword trigger in #yellowcrayon will never reach the second ON TEXT event. If you use
Jump to new posts Re: VB .NET SendMessage .. Updated Code by Anyday901 @ Yesterday at 05:01 PM
I see this is a pretty old post, hope you guys are still around lol. I've been using this code and it works great for sending strings to a mirc message window. I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to send a key using this code? Like just se
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Jump to new posts $chr() Question by nwmv @ Yesterday at 05:00 PM
I'm looking to remove all punctuation from a message. Is there a more efficient way to remove a list rather than typing out each one individually like $remove(message,$chr(32),$chr(33),$chr(34),etc) ?
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Jump to new posts Fullscreen Bug? by Raccoon @ Yesterday at 02:36 PM
As of more recent versions, I have noticed a slight change in behavior when switching in and out of fullscreen mode (eg, via F11). I can go fullscreen instantly without delay. When I try to return to regular windowed-mode, mIRC stalls while it thin
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Jump to new posts Re: Background image issue. by maroon @ Yesterday at 05:06 AM
i don't use such a background, but /help /background should let you find syntax that will do what you're already doing from the upper-left menu. You can then put the command into an event that starts each time. i.e. something like on *:START:{ /back
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Jump to new posts Background image issue. by Ninjasurfer2017 @ Yesterday at 02:14 AM
Hello all. I'm having an issue keeping my background image set to "Fill". mIRC keeps changing it to "Center" whenever I start the program. Any idea how to remedy this?
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Jump to new posts Re: Lost my voice by maroon @ Yesterday at 02:04 AM
It helps if you paste the message you're seeing, and what irc server you're having trouble with. The message blamed it on router issue or is that your guess? If you lost your +v because of not being on a chanserv list, that's a question to address to
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Jump to new posts Lost my voice by criwen @ 22/06/17 10:58 PM
I get an automated message saying I have lost my voice because my list could not be received. Possible Router/DSL issue. I upgraded to the new program with assist and ever since have not been able to be voiced. HELP!!
Bug Reports Unfortunately, I am not sure what to suggest. I tested this in v7.49: 1. Edited the Freenode server entry, selected method SASL and typed in the SASL password, pressed OK to save the server. 2. Clicked Select button. 3. Pressed OK to close the Optio
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Jump to new posts Re: Echo Script by maroon @ 22/06/17 03:27 PM
1. It helps if you give an idea what the problem is, so people know where to look. If you add a few lines like //echo -s $scriptline optional variables You can see if your code is making it inside if() statements when it should, etc. 2. You didn't
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Jump to new posts Echo Script by the_banana @ 22/06/17 07:47 AM
Hi, It's my first attempt at scripting, and it's going bad, i hope someone can help me here. I want to echo a prebot on this network/chan (Corrupt-Net | #PRE) to another network. I found a script on this board, tried to tweak it, but i don't seem
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Jump to new posts Please help me with my bad words script by BabyBear @ 22/06/17 06:48 AM
I have written this script but i cannot seem to get the commands to add words and delete words correct, this is what i have please can you advise me where i have gone wrong? I really have no idea and am fairly new to this on *:TEXT:*:#yellowcrayon:
mIRC Help The half-the-time they're in channel window, are they appearing in what was the $active window at the time? Otherwise, is there something in common the messages have which go to the wrong location? keyword, etc. Are they appearing only in 1 place, o
mIRC Help Not ticked, only whois is ticked......
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