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#261172 - 11/08/17 07:48 AM Challenge(Creative): Fancy Encode
FroggieDaFrog Online
Hoopy frood

Registered: 16/04/10
Posts: 818
Loc: USA
Challenge Starts: Friday, August 11, 2017
Submission Ends: Monday, August 28, 2017 @ 12:00pm EDT (noon)
Voting Ends: Monday, September 4, 2017 @ 12:00pm EDT (noon)
Type: Creative; Ranked-Choice voting
Description: Create a set of aliases to encode input text in a creative way then decode the output

  • Create a command /FancyEncode that will take an input and output a creative encode from the input
  • The command should create a custom window @FancyEncode and output the result of the encoding
  • The entry should provide a $FancyDecode identifier that will take the contents of @FancyEncode and return the original input text
  • Inputs will only consist of the characters: A-Z a-z 0-9 .!?,()- and space($chr(32))
  • Submissions DO NOT have to have the result ready immediately but should finish processing within around 30 seconds (this is not a hard limit)

Once a submission has finished processing it should call the following to indicate to the viewer it has finished:
//.timer 1 0 $input(FancyEncode has finished, isok5, @FancyEncode, Fancy Encode)

  • Pictorial representation drawn to a PicWin
  • Ascii Art
  • "Big Text"

To be clear, HOW the encode is represented is entirely up to the coder. So long as "/FancyEncode input" encodes the input and "$FancyDecode" retrieves the input

  • Submissions MUST be contained within a single .mrc script file
  • Submissions WILL be stored as "username - fancyencode.mrc"; where "username" is the submitter's username
  • Submissions WILL be tested on a fresh, mIRC v7.49 instance's remote section. The mIRC instance will not be connected to a server
  • No mismatched brackets '{}' or parentheses '()'
  • Submissions MAY contain supporting aliases
  • Submissions DO NOT have to run cleanly but must be able to be re-run indefinitely.
  • Submissions MUST cleanup when unloaded(unset variables, delete files, close associated windows, free hashtables, etc)
  • Submissions MUST NOT require the use of COMs, DLLs, or external tools to function.
  • Submissions MAY use sockets.

  • Send entries to me via Forum Private Message with the topic of "Challenge: Fancy Encode Entry"
  • Submissions will also be accepted through IRC query message(SReject on SwiftIRC, Espernet, Freenode, Quakenet, snoonet and twitch) though there is no guarantee I'll receive the IRC PM
  • You may submit as many entries as you like but only the last working entry will be evaluated at the end of the challenge.
  • I will check the forums and IRC queries at least once a day for new entries, evaluate them, and tell you if the entry is valid

  • After the submission deadline ends, a .zip containing all entries will be made available with identifying markers removed from the file names.
  • There will be two voting categories: participants(of which only those that have submitted an entry plus myself can vote) and Viewers(of which anyone can vote)
  • Voters are to run each entry -- as dictated by the rules -- and evaluate it on creativity, fluidity, and all around niceness
  • Once all entries have been ran, each voter will rank them as follows: 0 for their own(if they are a participant), 1 for the best, 2 for 2nd best and so on for each entry.
  • Votes should be sent to me via Forum Private Message with the topic "Challenge Vote: Fancy Encode" or through IRC PM but there is no guarantee I will receive it
  • Once voting has finished, the entry with the most "1" votes will be ranked as first, the entry with the most "2" votes will be ranked second, and so on. This will be done for each voting block

If something is unclear feel free to ask as a reply to this thread or via Forum Private Message

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#261180 - 12/08/17 02:24 PM Re: Challenge(Creative): Fancy Encode [Re: FroggieDaFrog]
FroggieDaFrog Online
Hoopy frood

Registered: 16/04/10
Posts: 818
Loc: USA

  • /FancyEncode should expect an input of 50 to 200 characters for validity tests
  • Validity testing will be performed by me. Once deemed valid, voters will not need to -nor should they- perform such tests
  • Submissions MUST contain a /FancyEncodeExample alias that provides a stock input to show off the uniqueness of the encoder. This input is NOT limited to the 50-200 character validity test, nor is it limited by the input-content constraints. This alias is to be provided so the participant can fully show off their encoder with an optimal input.
  • Inputs WILL NOT contain leading(at the start), trailing(at the end) or repeating spaces.

  • Voters MUST call the /FancyEncodeExample of each entry for evaluation but may also supply their own inputs.
  • When a voter supplies an input, it should be NO-LESS than 50 characters and NO-MORE than 1000 characters, unless a submission defines its own input limits.
  • Submissions may include an echo to the status window upon loading defining their entry's input range. This range MUST include the range of 50 character minimum, 100 character maximum. That is, a range of 1-200 is valid, but ranges 1-75 and 75-150 are not.

Deadline Changes
I'll be leaving on a business trip at the end of the month, and be gone for 4-7 days. The submission period will be extended until I return(around Sept 2nd). When I return I will give a 24 hour notice in this thread stating that the submission deadline has 24 hour remaining. Once that deadline expires, voting will start and last for 7 days.

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