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Posted By: Zakarumite

Spaces - 09/09/03 12:40 PM

On older versions of mIRC and also in the 6.1 when I write a code on aliases, or remote to send a message to someone or a channel it is not giving the desired spaces, example on Aliases:

/greet /ame HI PEOPLE!! =)

the message that appears is when I use the /greet command--> * Zakarumite HI PEOPLE!! =)
and should be--> * Zakarumite HI PEOPLE!! =)
With 7 spaces not one.

A pratical example, I've made a command to show people the specs of my PC on Remote section, so I had to make "invisible spaces" with white underlines so text would appear aligned. Like this (sorry it's in portuguese :P ) :

Computador0_______1: 4Compaq1 Presario 5456
Processador0______1: Celeron 520Mhz
RAM0______________1: SDRAM 320MB PC133
Placa Gráfica0____1: CREATIVE GeForce2 MX400 32MB PCI
Disco Duro0_______1: Caviar 8GB
Colunas0__________1: NGS 240W
Leitor DVD0_______1: Compaq DVD-ROM DVD-133R
Gravador de CD's0_1: HP CD-Writer Plus 8200a
Internet0_________1: SAPO ADSL.PT
Modem0____________1: Siemens Santis 128kb/512kb

Can this be fixed? It would save many caracters on scripts and a lot of boring work. :P
Thanks. wink

NOTE: The above 7 spaces are not showing on the post I don't know why, but the report is done, test it yourself.
Posted By: Nem3sis

Re: Spaces - 09/09/03 03:28 PM

Use the search feature, u know the thing that says search at the top of the page, you use it to search the forum for previous posts that might have already answered your question, i think i might commit suicide if i see this asked again
Posted By: r0ck0

Re: Spaces - 09/09/03 03:31 PM

* RoCk hands you a rope
Posted By: Raccoon

Annoyed at Search Mongers - 09/09/03 07:22 PM

I wish you Search-mongers would stop wasting everyone's time and actually assist users for once, instead of scaring them off.

It is OK to pleasently remind someone how to use the Search Feature next time, but ONLY after you actually answer their question... or at the very least, link them to a related post.

If you can't do that much, then you're just as lazy as people who don't search for themselves, and are also deserving of public ridicule.

                                mad   STOP IT NOW.   mad

- Raccoon
Posted By: Raccoon

Re: Spaces - 09/09/03 07:32 PM

Zak: This is a problem that we all encounter in mIRC Scripting, and there are few work arounds for it depending on exactly what you're doing. Most commonly, people pad out spaces using the $chr(160) character which is known as a Non-Breaking Space that mIRC will not strip out.

You can find many related articles dealing with this issue, one way or another.

- Raccoon
Posted By: Nem3sis

Re: Annoyed at Search Mongers - 09/09/03 09:32 PM

im sure people have a learning capacity of their own, i dont think they need things spelt out to them, i see it as a learning exercise to see if they can use the search feature properly adn if they fail thjey can ask for assistance
Posted By: SHadeyKid

Re: Annoyed at Search Mongers - 09/09/03 10:10 PM

I saw fit to answer this??

Well, just to say, Continue your silly falmes thie most eloustriouss of jesters!!...

Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: Annoyed at Search Mongers - 10/09/03 07:10 AM

I agree that showing ppl how to use the search feature here or a help file is doing them a great deal of future good. However, i dont see any justification for anyone being rude or taking their frustrations out while they are at it. I will tell someone that the issue has been discussed, sometimes give them a link to one of the more comprehensive threads or a brief answer, but also explain how to use the search feature to get the best results, generally suggesting the best words to use in the search. New users may come here already confused or upset. As often as we see the same questions, its a new one to them and they deserve to be treated with courtesy. Sure, it would be great if everyone took the time to become familiar with this forum first....just as it would be great if everyone took the time to look thru options and read help files, versions/readme texts and FAQs. Is all that gonna happen? fatchance. Thats why help channels and forums are needed.
Posted By: MrPeepers

Re: Spaces - 11/09/03 09:18 AM

I know its a little late, but, I wouldn't use the white underlines anyways, not all users have the same color scheme as you and they would see the white underlines.
Posted By: JoWie

Re: Spaces - 21/09/03 02:36 PM


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