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Posted By: ovelayer

=$nick - 06/04/15 03:47 AM

before mirc 7.41 when i wrote a script for dcc chat
when someone would initiate a dcc chat i could use
.msg =$nick to reply in the dcc chat
that seems to no longer work is there another way?
thanks for any help
Posted By: Raccoon

Re: =$nick - 06/04/15 04:26 AM

It still works for me. Both in editbox and in remote script events. mIRC 7.41

On *:CHAT:*: { msg =$nick you said $1- }

This will cause an endless loop if you chat yourself.

In case you weren't aware, by prefixing /msg with a '.', it will silence the command so that it appears that nothing happens.
Your '.msg =$nick' may be working but you're unaware it's working.
Posted By: ovelayer

Re: =$nick - 07/04/15 04:55 AM

yeah i didn't mean to put the .
but i get
=Drifter No such nick/channel
Posted By: ovelayer

Re: =$nick - 07/04/15 05:23 AM

i got it im sorry i had another script conficting with it
thanks for your help =)
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