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Posted By: Jesper $uptime bug ( sorry if it has been covered ) - 21/05/03 01:54 PM
Sorry if this has been covered allready, but Im not in the mood to search 360 threads for $duration and/or $uptime (would prolly return 350 results to read thru) shocked

when system uptime > 49 days, mircs uptime freaks out
$duration($uptime(mirc,3) returns 30500568904wks 16hrs 6mins 24secs
its little impossible i think since man is only 7000 years old
not to mention the x86 has only been around for 20 years :tongue:
im guessing that many weeks puts mirc back with the dinosaurs
not to mention it severly puts my 63 day uptime to shame. grin
And Im sure mirc was restarted a couple weeks ago.

Well, I did a search for "$uptime bug", set the match to "And". I only got 6 results, one of which was titled mIRC Uptime bug.

Might want to spend some time with Search and get to know each other.

its little impossible i think since man is only 7000 years old

Where did you hear that? According to most scientists, Homo sapiens evolved rougly 200 thousand years ago, and going back to more primitive man Australopithecus afarensis evolved roughly 3-4 million years ago. Granted that really has nothing to do with your post, but still, 7000 years is way off.

I dont see what this thread has to do with this bug... obviously this other thread is no bug, since windows has wrapped uptime, but here im talking about mirc goes nuts and returns crap.....

Homosapiens isnt MAN... its an early stage of what became the human as we know it today... wink
Posted By: zac Re: $uptime bug ( sorry if it has been covered ) - 22/05/03 05:20 AM

Homosapiens isnt MAN... its an early stage of what became the human as we know it today...

If by following this correctly and assuming you know that homo sapiens sapiens is a sub-species of homo sapiens, then you'll be confused to know that complex human societies have been around for ~10,000 years.
Oooh! Or we could argue the religious angle that Earth was only created in the last 5000 years or so. Lets!
OK so I didnt have mirc closed while I passed 49 days uptime, cause I just did yesterday and now $uptime(mirc,3) or ,2 shows right.

Can it be true that Im the only that ever had mirc up for more that 49 days??

How about some serious response instead of blabbling about my joke about 7000 years ??

Dont reply if your mirc hasnt passed 50 days uptime, thank you. else post is just useless and considered forum spam :tongue:
ive had mine uptime over 50 days and i read mine thru dll and i havent had a problem with it correctly reporting its uptime
then you'll be confused to know that complex human societies have been around for ~10,000 years.

Australia has been occupied for at least 60,000 years.
That, like everything else in science, is either speculation, or a general idea that is believed by scientists to be correct.

And considering that "science" has bought us such things as carbon dating, and other such methods of "dating" objects, which are known to be extremely inaccurate, then I wouldn't go believing it until I found solid proof (like a book with the date written in it).

But I'm a skeptic.

If you're wanting to get system uptime, don't use $uptime, use $duration($calc($ticks /1000))
Yes its not hard to get your uptime over 50 days, but what about your mirc uptime?

Try aim for an 50days mirc uptime and then use $uptime(mirc,2) or ,3 and you see that it baffs out like I mentions above...
"Like a book with the date written in it", assuming they had a written language, which they didn't, this would be MUCH easier to fake than carbon dating. Hypothetical scenario:
I do some research on ancient cave paintings, learning the materials they used to write the paintings, etc. I make up a language, I go into some cave in Africa, I write a message on the wall of that cave stating some events, perhaps astronomical, that could be used to pinpoint a date, such as a rare alignment of planets, a solar eclipse, etc. And I also give some human event that is theorized to have occurred, such as a war or conflict of sometime. Now, since I made the language up, no one can understand it. So, I write, hidden somewhere, a translation from my made-up language into Greek. That may seem farfetched, but the Rosetta Stone did this very same thing to allow people to translate from Egyptian heiroglyphs, so it is believable. When the translation is complete, it refers to events that pinpoint the message to be from the year 15,000BC. Based on your defintion of "solid proof," this certainly qualifies as proof. However, if carbon dating were done it would reveal that I wrote the message last Tuesday, not in 15,000BC. So the carbon dating, which you say is so inaccurate, would in fact be the method that would conclusively disprove what you claim to be solid proof.

I'm not saying you should neglect written records because they may be inaccurate, I'm saying you should use all of the tools at your disposal rather than deem some, such as carbon dating, to be an inaccurate and therefore a useless tool. In the scenario I presented, it is one of the only tools that would have lead to the truth.
It not like I dont care about how old man/earth is, it would be nice to know, and yes there are many theories and this and that, but they all says a different age, so there is no really solid proof, but right now it doesnt really matter, try lets stick to the topic, and forget about the age that i joked about.

Isnt there anyone that can brag about mirc uptime excceding 50 days?
true your right my true mirc uptime is flawed by the amount of time it takes me to boot my system and then click to run mirc ...... so i dont read uptimes thru the defualt method i simply use the dll and give a full system uptime ..... since when my pc is on mirc is on i dont have any problem being a few seconds different on the off chance ive ever clicked the x accidentally and changed my settings so that mirc would close without confirmation ..... well id have to live with the acceptable difference ...... really tho to me its just not that important to figure out how long my mirc has been open ..... i cant figure any reference of why i would need to retrieve this time for any script so i just dont use it
D3m0n do you call 30500568904wks 16hrs 6mins 24secs a couple of secs difference? Man I wouldnt wanna see what a day is for you then :tongue:

And frankly I dont care about if you see it as useless, its a bug, and a bug is a bug, no matter how you twist and turn it wink
i didnt say your issue was the case i was basing my couple seconds difference from
and im not saying your not reporting a very very old bug that wasnt reported the day this forum was restarted i was simpley suggesting a slight work around till the issue is addressed hopefully in this next release khaled has addressed this one (lets keep our fingers crossed)
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