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Posted By: MTech

lines - 04/07/03 01:00 AM

i like to load my logs from the previous session for quick reference, and i think there should be for than a 5,000 line limit in mirc windows. somthing like 50,000?, anyway...5,000 dont hold much in rooms i go to.
Posted By: Collective

Re: lines - 04/07/03 01:03 AM

Options -> General -> Window Buffer?
Posted By: MTech

Re: lines - 04/07/03 01:06 AM

well that only goes to 30,000 but that help out smile tyvm

home and end buttons should scroll through the buffer text also
Posted By: starbucks_mafia

Re: lines - 04/07/03 01:17 AM

Ctrl+Home/End will go to the beginning/end of the buffer in a similar way to any text editor. Page Up/Down moves a page at a time. There's no way to actually scroll through the buffer with the keyboard since Ctrl+Up/Down Arrows are used for going through the editbox buffer when multi-line editbox is switched on.
Posted By: Raccoon

Re: lines - 04/07/03 01:43 AM

CTRL + PGUP/PGDN will scroll through your buffer, line by line.
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