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Important siggestion

Posted By: IrcLog

Important siggestion - 09/12/02 03:01 PM

I tink that logs are very unneded because you may want to talk to other somebody very secret.
Posted By: chanserv

Re: Important siggestion - 09/12/02 03:04 PM

Say what?

They're one of the most useful features wink
Posted By: Sickness

Re: Important siggestion - 09/12/02 04:14 PM

Dont use mIRC then. Or turn it off.
Posted By: Sartan

Re: Important siggestion - 09/12/02 07:06 PM

mIRC logging your personal chats should be the least of your problems if you need to worry about retaining logs. Afraid the FBI is going to bust in your door and find your downloaded snes roms? smirk Just turn off logging. In fact, it's disabled by default. If you have logs, delete them.
Posted By: Starfox

Re: Important siggestion - 10/12/02 12:34 AM

If you have the feds after you, I'd say you have more important things to worry about than logs. =)
Posted By: zack

Re: Important siggestion - 10/12/02 12:44 AM

You seem like you're hiding something, you some sort of criminal mastermind? You can tell us :-)
Posted By: vasil_michev

Re: Important siggestion - 10/12/02 06:26 PM

FBI can always sniff your traffic ;b
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