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using the new idea on $encode/$decode

Posted By: tontito

using the new idea on $encode/$decode - 27/04/13 12:11 AM

Hello to you all,

What do you think of the idea of $encode/$decode have support to use certificate files?

The idea was to input it a .ks and .cert file and all was set, no flags, easily readable keys or salts.

Best regards
Posted By: Raccoon

Re: using the new idea on $encode/$decode - 29/04/13 03:01 PM

What would it do? AES encryption? PGP?

$encode and $decode are nothing more than a simple cipher known as Uuencode or Mime (base64). There's absolutely no cryptographic magic going on here -- it's kind of like $longip() or $base() in that regard.
Posted By: asdfasdf

Re: using the new idea on $encode/$decode - 30/04/13 01:21 PM

Quoting from the v7.31 beta changelog:

8.Extended $encode/$decode to support blowfish. By default, the method
is compatible with OpenSSL and uses CBC, key hashing, a random salt
and PKCS#5 padding. The identifier format is:

$encode(%var | &binvar, switches, key, [salt | iv])
$decode(%var | &binvar, switches, key, [salt | iv])

Where the switches are:

method: c = cbc or e = ecb encryption (one or the other)
key: l = literal key (optional, must be 56 characters)
salt/iv: s = salt or i = iv or r = randomiv (all optional)
padding: z = zeros, n = one and zeros, p = spaces (all optional)

Now I have never looked into blowfish but am I understanding this correctly that, in the future, a plain mIRC script will be sufficient for blowfish-encrypted chatting?
Posted By: tontito

Re: using the new idea on $encode/$decode - 03/05/13 11:05 PM

I got my idea exactly from there smile
Posted By: argv0

Re: using the new idea on $encode/$decode - 04/05/13 04:14 AM

mIRC relies on Windows' cert manager for certificate validation, does it not? If so, you could just import your cert into the global manager-- something you ought to do anyway:

Posted By: tontito

Re: using the new idea on $encode/$decode - 15/05/13 10:18 AM

Hello and thanks for your reply.

My idea was to use this combined to sockets, in listening mode.

Your idea might be doable but isn't easier then the java bouncer/proxy I made for that purpose some years ago.

My idea was to completely replace this proxy and use only "native" mirc code.
Posted By: argv0

Re: using the new idea on $encode/$decode - 15/05/13 08:50 PM

I'm confused-- why is it not easier to import a certificate into your system certificate chain?

Presumably, and knowing how Windows is designed, there is some exe file or COM object that can auto-import a .crt from the command line or vbscript, which should make it easy enough to automate.
Posted By: FroggieDaFrog

Re: using the new idea on $encode/$decode - 16/05/13 01:07 AM

No COMs would be needed. It can be done using
/run CertMgr [-add|-del|-put] [Options] [ -s [ -r RegistryLocation ] ] SourceName [ -s [ -r RegistryLocation ] ] [DestinationName]

More info Here
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