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clickable nick

Posted By: nataliad

clickable nick - 31/01/08 11:50 PM


when someone leaves a channel this is displayed:

nick_ (~identd@ip) has left #room

but the nick is not clickable

it should be because the user may be connected to the server

Posted By: argv0

Re: clickable nick - 01/02/08 12:23 AM

mirc hotlinks words in the buffer by checking that:
a) its a url
b) the word is in the nicklist

if it doesn't match a or b, mIRC has no way of knowing the text is even a "nickname". mIRC doesn't save meta-info along with the lines it echos to the channel buffer to explain what it just echo'd-- once it displays the part message, its regular text just like everything else.

That said, you can freely script your own ON HOTLINK event and keep track of nicknames on your own.

on *:PART:#:hadd -m nicklist $+($cid,$nick) $true
on *:QUIT:#:if ($hget(nicklist)) hdel nicklist $nick
on ^*:HOTLINK:*:#:if (!$hget(nicklist,$cid $+ $remove($1,$chr(44),.))) halt
on *:HOTLINK:*:*:if ($hget(nicklist,$cid $+ $remove($1,$chr(44),.))) whois $1

Of course you can't get a popup menu from that until Khaled implements popups for hotlinks, though there are dlls that can make this possible.
Posted By: nataliad

Re: clickable nick - 01/02/08 08:30 PM

thanks but I get this:

#:IF Unknown command
Posted By: RoCk

Re: clickable nick - 01/02/08 08:32 PM

on *:QUIT:#:if ($hget(nicklist)) hdel nicklist $nick

should be

on *:QUIT:if ($hget(nicklist)) hdel nicklist $nick
Posted By: nataliad

Re: clickable nick - 15/02/08 07:47 AM

it works very well but although the nick is clickable, when I double click on it, it doesn;t open query (as it should) but it whois's the nick

Posted By: RoCk

Re: clickable nick - 15/02/08 12:31 PM

Does it do the same when you double-click a nick in the nick list? Did it get changed in options? The default setting is /query $$1

options (alt+o) > mouse > nick list
Posted By: The_JD

Re: clickable nick - 16/02/08 03:26 PM

try changing "whois $1" to "query $1"
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