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Customisable Toolbars

Posted By: Spottedkitty

Customisable Toolbars - 16/12/02 12:25 PM

If I hit either tile or cascade again by accident then, well....I'll be very very annoyed.

I don't mind any of the other options along the toolbar but it'd be nice to have properly customisable toolbars anyways.
Posted By: codemastr

Re: Customisable Toolbars - 16/12/02 07:53 PM

I wouldn't mind seeing customizable toolbars, but I can honestly say I've never hit the tile or cascade button by accident.
Posted By: Matrix

Re: Customisable Toolbars - 17/12/02 05:44 PM

I have never hit the wrong buttons either but a customisable toolbar is definetly a must. I would like to be ablt to add my own menu's and Options for when I decide to make my own script. But as of now I don't think the whole thing has the level of customization I would like.
Posted By: tom420

Re: Customisable Toolbars - 19/12/02 03:09 AM

If you think about that there is little advantages of a customizable tool bar, everything that could possibly be there is already there.

An idea however would be to have the possibility to add buttons linked to a script. That is I could add a button N on the toolbar, when I click the button N it executes script N, script N is "tnick MyFavoriteNick".

Please add an option to remove/disable the Tile and Cascade buttons, I don't use Mizimized windows, I like them sizeable, I size them and dispose them very strategiclly, and I hate hitting Tile/Cascade by accident. For those in the same situation as me, a solution is: from any window, from the system menu, select Position > Remember All now! The next time you hit Tile/Cascade by accident go do Position > Reset All to restore them to the size/position you saved them to.
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