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"Ctrl + Alt" key combination

Posted By: kooderi

"Ctrl + Alt" key combination - 05/03/04 07:47 PM

In mIRC 6.14, when I press Ctrl + Alt + 4, it doesn't make the dollar sign ($) anymore, but swithches the active window to 4th one in the switchbar.

I haven't used Alt Gr never, so it's hard to make special characters now frown Is it possible to change key settings from Options etc, or do i have to install 6.12 again?
Posted By: cold

Change ALT+N to ALT+LEFT and ALT+RIGHT? - 05/03/04 07:59 PM

Heh, I've just posted about this on the Bug Reports forum.. sorry.. by the way, please read my post and reply, if possible.

I'll take this post then to make a suggestion: in my opinion, changing ALT+N to ALT+LEFT and ALT+RIGHT would be far more appropriate. Firstly, because of our issue (although I've forgotten about ALT GR - I'm a bit relieved smile), but secondly, and more important, the current way is limited to 9 windows. Using direction keys would be unlimited in this point.

Then maybe CTRL+ALT+LEFT/RIGHT could switch straight to the first/last window, SHIFT+ALT+LEFT/RIGHT could switch between sessions (status windows).. or maybe ALT+UP/DOWN could be used for sessions?.. Anyway, that would be just like my script does with function keys (F3/F4, SHIFT+F3/F4, F5/F6; but I don't really use the session-related keys).
Posted By: Raccoon

Re: Change ALT+N to ALT+LEFT and ALT+RIGHT? - 05/03/04 08:30 PM

I do like the idea of ALT+LEFT/RIGHT, as CTRL+TAB and CTRL+SHIFT+TAB can be a bit cumbersom, and people may be used to using ALT+LEFT/RIGHT in Internet Explorer (and other browsers).

Personally, CTRL+LEFT/RIGHT would be easier, as the CTRL key is closer to the arrows on most keyboards. I could see myself using that instead of the mouse for a change.

- Raccoon
Posted By: cold

Re: Change ALT+N to ALT+LEFT and ALT+RIGHT? - 05/03/04 08:40 PM

True. I'm not used to ALT GR nor the right CTRL, so I haven't even thought of using the latter. :tongue: Plus, using CTRL hopefully would make no difference to people like me, since the left one is close to ALT anyway.
Posted By: kristnjov

Re: Change ALT+N to ALT+LEFT and ALT+RIGHT? - 12/03/04 08:01 PM

I use CTRL+Left to move the caret position word by word in the edit box, that would be very inconvenient for me (and many others I imagine). Although, the Alt+<N> is really useless if Khaled won't add so that CTRL+ALT+<N> doesn't change window.
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