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Posted By: Zmodem

.mrc... - 03/03/04 05:07 PM

Not really a MAJOR feature, but I'd like to see the default created script files (Aliases/Remotes) be defaulted with the extension .mrc instead of .ini, seeing as how .mrc has inevitably become the standard of mIRC script files. Anyhow, more like a personal preference, really; anyone else?
Posted By: tidy_trax

Re: .mrc... - 03/03/04 05:23 PM

i agree, .ini files are annoying to edit in notepad -_-
Posted By: TonyTheTiger

Re: .mrc... - 03/03/04 05:24 PM

yeah .. it should have been changed
when .mrc was introduced really.

Edit: .. although I still would like the choice to use .ini
Posted By: JordanR

Re: .mrc... - 03/03/04 08:39 PM

Is there any difference besides .mrc and .ini besides the way it shows up in a text editor?
Posted By: tidy_trax

Re: .mrc... - 03/03/04 08:44 PM

file size wink
Posted By: Raccoon

Re: .mrc... - 03/03/04 08:47 PM

.mrc is simply a flat file, an unformatted text file.
as a matter of fact, you may use -any- extension, except .ini, to acheive this effect. But I agree, the default filetype should be non-ini.
Posted By: Online

Re: .mrc... - 03/03/04 08:52 PM

And in the load dialog (Alt+R -> File -> Load), it would be nice to have this selection as default: *.txt;*.ini;*.mrc
(right now it's *.txt;*.doc and I often find myself playing with this option before I can select the desired script file).
Posted By: bunar

Re: .mrc... - 03/03/04 10:26 PM

Posted By: Iori

Re: .mrc... - 03/03/04 10:35 PM

For me, *.ini;*.mrc is the default.
Posted By: Online

Re: .mrc... - 03/03/04 10:38 PM

You probably opened the load dialog from the Aliases/Popups tabs laugh
Posted By: Iori

Re: .mrc... - 03/03/04 10:42 PM

Nope, from any tab, and in a clean copy too. grin

You probably loaded a .txt or .doc file last time to get that
Posted By: Online

Re: .mrc... - 03/03/04 11:33 PM

Yes, you're right. I usually load .txt's to my remote, hence the pre-selected file type.
Posted By: KingTomato

Re: .mrc... - 03/03/04 11:52 PM

I agree. The .mrc file should be the default file type, but .ini should also be offered. The only benefit the .ini file has over mrc is its unique ability to store other information as well as just the script. i.e.

----- Script.ini -----
n0=on *:CONNECT: {
n1=  if ($readini($script, $network, $me)) /nickserv identify $ifmatch

----- /Script.ini -----

Where you can have settings stored in the same file. Otherwise, ini's are just larger in size, and harder to edit externallty.
Posted By: cold

Re: .mrc... - 05/03/04 08:28 PM

It's not an unique ability, you can achieve the same results with any other file type...
#ini off
#ini end

on *:CONNECT: {
  if ($readini($script, $network, $me)) /nickserv identify $ifmatch

...Provided that you'll always put the INI group before everything in the file, so $readini wouldn't completely mess up your script where it finds chars like '[', ']' and '=', searching for sections and items.
(Group usage is just a precaution, hopefully you wouldn't really need one)
Posted By: Raccoon

Re: .mrc... - 05/03/04 08:34 PM

But it's not a great idea to use a loaded script file as an INI file too. You will have write conflicts when INI cache is flushed to file, especially if you edit your script or toggle (.enable/.disable) any other #groups in the script.

- Raccoon
Posted By: cold

Re: .mrc... - 05/03/04 08:37 PM

Hrm, what kind of problems? I know I've been using them like that for a long time and no problems have ever happened.
Posted By: TonyTheTiger

Re: .mrc... - 05/03/04 09:09 PM

Same here .. with no problems.
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