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Posted By: oriongods /say - 04/08/03 11:27 PM
in my script i have timestamps shown when i make /me bla bla, but when i make /say it looks like this <@myname> text - with no timestamps, how to fix it?
Posted By: Om3n Re: /say - 05/08/03 06:53 AM
in aliases......

/Say {
echo -a $timestamp $+(<,$me,>) $1-
msg $chan $1-

Then of corse you ahve to find the numeric and use a haltdef.
That should work.
Posted By: neophyte Re: /say - 05/08/03 07:03 AM
That is actually rather flawed.

As it will only work in a channel.

/say can be used in either a channel or a query, or DCC (presumably).

You would be better off using this:

/say {
.msg $active $1-
echo -tmi1 $chan ( $+ $nick($chan,$me).pnick $+ )

You will not need a numeric, and you will not need a haltdef if you use that, as the /say alias you've created will override the mIRC default one.
Posted By: Clubfoot Re: /say - 05/08/03 12:17 PM
why are you echo-ing to $chan if you just finished telling them theirs is flawed because it will only work in channels? why not use the 'a' switch in the echo command? as well as $nick($chan,$me).pnick
Posted By: KingTomato Re: /say - 05/08/03 04:55 PM
alias say {
  if ($1 == $null) [color:blue]/echo $color(info) -ati2 $themetext(Error) /say - Insufficient Parameters[/color]
  else if ($show) /msg $active $1- 
  else .msg $active $1-

alias msg {
  if ($2 == $null) [color:blue]/echo $color(info) -ai2 $themetext(Error) /msg - Insufficient Parameters[/color]
  else if (Status Window == $active) [color:blue]/echo $color(info) -ati2 $themetext(Error) /msg - Not In A Channel[/color]
  else {
    .raw PRIVMSG $1 $+(:,$2-)
    if ($numtok($1, 44) == 1) {
      [color:red]if ($show) /echo $color(own) -ti2 $1 $themenick($me, $1) $2-[/color]
    else if ($numtok($1, 44) &gt; 1) {
      if ($show) {
        var %chan = 1
        while ($gettok($1, %chan, 44)) {
          [color:Red]/echo $color(own) -ti2 $ifmatch $themenick($me, $ifmatch) $2-[/color]
          /inc %chan

What i use.. Change red to your theme style, and blue is just the error messages.

If you want theme nick or theme text letme know. They basically allow me to color the name (change the <>'s, add @, etc) easily by just plugging in the identifier.
Posted By: Om3n Re: /say - 05/08/03 09:20 PM
Yeah, i knew my code was majorly flawed. But something came up and didn't have time to fix and edit post.
Posted By: CaNNoN Re: /say - 06/08/03 11:42 AM
for what are this part ?
else if ($show) /msg $active $1-  
else .msg $active $1-

and why this code pasts my /say command on op event (chanserv oped me) in the status window and not in the chan.. ? confused

Greetz $me
Posted By: KingTomato Re: /say - 06/08/03 06:09 PM
$show is when the alias is prefixed with a period/decimal point. Meaning if you typed..

//msg # Hi
//.msg # Hello

you will personally only see the Hi, but hello was also sent and hidden. This is mainly (from my experience) for a bot who sends out a lot fo commands that you dont want shown in log files, like notices to "!help" command being repeated over and over in the channel until your log size has increased by 3x its normal size.

As for why the command was shown in the status window means that if you are using /say in an event such as on 1:OP:#:, you should not be. /say is only a command line command, meaning ONLY events you trigger should be using it. If you want something that thanks for op, try this:

on !*:OP:#: {
if (($opnick == $me) && ($nick != ChanServ)) /msg $chan Thanks for the op, $nick
Posted By: CaNNoN Re: /say - 06/08/03 07:27 PM
thanks for your help smile but

on *:OP:#:{ if ($opnick = $me) /msg $chan $design 0/OP:14 THX $nick ! :D }  

doesn't still work smirk .. i've edit the input event .. can it combined with this ?
Posted By: SladeKraven Re: /say - 12/08/03 11:02 PM
Your comparisons are wrong, you are missing an =
on 1:OP:#: {
if ($opnick =[color:red]=[/color] $me) { msg $chan Thanks for the ops $nick :-) }
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