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Quick timer question

Posted By: acemiles_ed

Quick timer question - 02/06/03 09:06 PM

I'm not quite sure of the format, as the help files don't really talk about it much, but..

I want a /msg nick It's midnite! to go off every night at midnight. Would I do it like:
/timer -o 00:00 /msg nick etc..
/timer -o 00:00 1 1 /msg nick etc..
Posted By: ScatMan

Re: Quick timer question - 02/06/03 09:36 PM

/timer 00:00 0 86400 /msg NICK MSG
Posted By: _D3m0n_

Re: Quick timer question - 02/06/03 09:36 PM

ok well first off u dont need the -o switch as if ur wanting to message someone its midnight ud have to be online ..... using the -o makes it an offline timerthis is the code i would use to create the timer your talking about

on start: {
alias midnight { 
timermidnight 00:00 1 0  { msg NICK hey its midnight | midnight }

or something along them llines ..... im sure others will have a better solution tho than me
Posted By: Raccoon

Re: Quick timer question - 02/06/03 10:34 PM

the -o switch is handy as it prevents the timer from dying if you get disconnected. I'd simply perform an if ($server) { } check before sending a /msg.
Posted By: ScatMan

Re: Quick timer question - 02/06/03 11:44 PM

don't need to, just specify an online timer(run this command when u are connected) and when u'll disconnect the timer will halted
otherwise u reconnect and want it to work too then do as Raccoon said
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