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downloading ebooks from #ebooks

Posted By: Escondido_Barb

downloading ebooks from #ebooks - 22/02/18 07:51 PM

I have always (and only) used #ebooks to download ebooks, and this has worked perfectly for a few years. Now, I put in a request, and nothing happens, no response, no book.

This is the only thing I do on mIRC; I understand very little about how it works or how to use it, but I did understand how to request and get an ebook. Can anyone shed any light on my problem? Thanks very much!!
Posted By: maroon

Re: downloading ebooks from #ebooks - 23/02/18 01:14 AM

This forum does not operate any IRC network nor control the activities of any #channel.

Your best bet for solving problems with a #channel is to ask people in that channel.
Posted By: Escondido_Barb

Re: downloading ebooks from #ebooks - 03/03/18 06:46 AM

I have no idea HOW to contact people in the channel to ask for help. Does anyone out there know how to do it? Thanks in advance for ANY help you can give me.
Posted By: annabellekc

Re: downloading ebooks from #ebooks - 11/03/18 07:43 PM

having the sae problem if you get a clear answer or a solution pls let me know, tkx
Posted By: Raccoon

Re: downloading ebooks from #ebooks - 12/03/18 07:10 PM

You type text into the channel window, press Enter, and the text gets displayed in that channel for other people to read.

If nobody is reading -- Oh well.

Read the channel topic, send messages (/query) to channel ops, join other channels and ask in them.

The life and death and going-ons of any particular network or channel is completely outside of the scope of this website. Nobody here knows. Nobody here wants to know.

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